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Rum from the Canary Islands

To talk about Rum’s history is to talk about the Canary Islands. The first sugar canes planted in America were brought from the Canary Islands to the West Indies in the second voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1493.

The Canary Islands is the World's Cradle of Rum where rum spirits are created by combining centuries of traditional craftsmanship with the extraordinary quality of the raw materials from a unique land.

The pride of people for whom rum itself is a pride.

Ron Guajiro is the traditional brand of the Canary Islands created with pride by one of the longest established distilleries in the Canary Islands.

Destilerías San Bartolomé de Tejina, is a family owned company that was incorporated in 1948. Destilería San Bartolomé de Tejina has held firmly to the liquor making traditions passed down through the generations making the original rums of the Canary Islands.

Ron Guajiro is the Genuine Rum from the Canary Islands. The perfect blend of tradition, flavor and quality. This full range of rums stands out for the clear personality of all its products:

The golden rum Guajiro Dorado, the white rum Guajiro Blanco, and the unique Honey Rum Guajiro. Offered in 1 liter bottles.

Guajiro Dorado

Guijiro Dorado is the genuine rum from the Canary Islands. This is a golden colored rum which has a clean and natural taste, a medium-high intensity, with sugar cane, citric, and silky notes. It provides a pronounced vanilla note and has a persistent flavor.

This rum leaves a wonderful aftertaste and is excellent to have it straight up or mixed.

80 Proof; 40% Alcohol


Guajiro Blanco

DoSn International presents this clear and pleasant rum, made with cane spirits giving it a true personality. It combines the features of golden rum with transparency, allowing it to combine with its neutral color and without losing any flavor.

80 Proof; 40% Alcohol


Guajiro Honey Rum

DoSn International present a delicious Honey Rum, which perfectly harmonizes the honey and rum from the Canary Islands. Guajiro Honey Rum boasts of amber and bright golden colors. The taste is intense and has clean, fresh taste in the mouth leaving a very pleasant memory.

DoSn International recommends taking it very cold, mixed or alone on the rocks with a slice of lemon, as this fine Honey Rum combines perfectly with citrus.

60 Proof; 30% Alcohol